Our units

Harmopan is present in many places in Harghita County and operates high capacity production units as well as commercial units.

Our mills

Our mills provide top quality wheat, corn and rye flour to all bakeries in the county.

Packaging unit

We especially package flour and other milled products in our packaging unit.


Currently we run bakeries in Miercurea Ciuc, Odorheiu Secuiesc, Cristuru Secuiesc, Gheorgheni and Topliţa.

Wafer production unit

Our unit in Miercurea Ciuc also produces and packages wafers and cornmeal using ultimate technology and equipment.

Tradition and innovation

Wide range of products, 50 years of expertise

Special offers

We offer specialties every day so each bite becomes an experience

Semi-dark Grandma’s bread with potato 1,1kg

Nothing can be compared with the experiences of our childhood like the smell of fresh bread baked by grandma. Nowadays we rarely find this feeling on the shelves of multinational companies.

That is why Harmopan works hardly every day: to keep this value for future generations because the smell of fresh bread should be an indispensable element of every household.

Brown Harmopan bread with potato 2,2kg

The Harmopan homemade bread with potato is a traditional product.

It is made with potato, flour and iodized salt. The potato is produced by local farmers in Lower Ciuc region. We always buy the ingredients from local producers while we prepare the flour ourselves because we believe that this guarantees the quality of the product. The sourdough is created by natural fermentation: we bash potato with some flour and water. The resulting paste begins to ferment after a while at 20 to 30 degrees. The recipe of the Harmopan traditional bread with potateo you can read on Recipe corner page.

White Fitt-Ness bread 300g

Our fittest novelty, Fitness bread is a mixture of white wheat flour, barley flour and soy flour, enriched with smashed wheat and wheat germ.

Increased nutritional value thanks to added flax, sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

Rich in fiber, helps bowel movements.

Outstanding B vitamin, calcium, magnesium and iron content, especially recommended for those who believe a healthy bread is also important beside doing exercise.

Thanks to barley flour, consuming small amounts also gives the feeling of saturation.


You can feel free to contact us. Our team is keen to answer all of your questions.