“Quality ingredients equals quality products.”

The whole team of harmopan welcomes you!

The Harmopan Company has a history of more than four decades in quality flour production and baking.
We only use natural ingredients, no additives and we order all the wheat, rye, potato, milk, eggs and honey from local farmers because good quality and local collaboration are very important for us.


Quality guarantee

Flour, the most important ingredient is prepared by us because we believe that this guarantees the quality of the product during every phase of the process.
Our breads are still made in manufactories and our bakers respect the traditional recipe which implies sourdough, boiled potato, 8 hours of leavening. The bread is shaped with our own hands then “beaten” when it comes out of the oven.


Besides keeping our traditions we are open to new ways and ingredients (barley flour, rye products, wholemeal products), in accordance with the dietary culture of the modern age.
As a large company, we need to consider different consumer behaviors, market demand, trends and a large variety of diets. Our goal is to find solutions for all target groups: those who prefer a classic home-made taste, those who rather light and trendy, as well as who like their bread with or without seeds.


Team work

Our team slowly reaches 400 members and we go to work every morning with the same good intention knowing that the smell of our bread would fill so many homes, every day.

How it is made

Our Units

Miercurea Ciuc

Str. Kossuth Lajos nr. 31
Str. Culmei nr. 12-14
Str. Tudor Vladimirescu nr. 40
Str. Márton Áron nr. 80
Str. Harghita nr. 46
Str. Pieţii nr. 6
Str. Libertăţii nr. 8
Str. Márton Áron nr.4
B-dul Frăţiei nr. 18
B-dul Frăţiei nr. 3

Tg. Mureș

str. Bărăganului nr. 19


str. Principală nr. 184


Str. Nicolae Bălcescu 11 Bloc D, Parter
Str. Nicolae Bălcescu nr. 6
Str. Ştefan cel Mare bloc E scara E

Odorheiu Secuiesc

Str. Ion Creangă nr. 5.
Str. Beclean 200A


Str. Gábor Áron nr. 3/1.
Str. Berényi Margit nr. 2.

Cristuru Secuiesc

Str. Orbán Balázs nr. 20.
Str. Szabadság nr. 56.


B-dul. Griviţei, Nr.69
B-dul. Muncii nr. 2-4
Str. Poienelor nr. 7/C


Brădeşti, Nr. 182


Str. 1 Decembrie 1918 Nr. 3


Str. Kossuth Lajos nr. 6.


Str. Bánya nr. 4.


nr. 588


Gălăuţaş fn.

Mills, bakeries, storehouses

Mill – Miercurea Ciuc

Bakery – Miercurea Ciuc, Str. Harghita nr. 46
Bakery – Odorheiu Secuiesc, Str. Ion Creangă nr.5
Bakery – Cristuru Secuiesc, Str. Orbán Balázs nr.20
Bakery – Gheorgheni, Str. Kossuth Lajos nr. 6
Bakery – Toplița, Str. Nicolae Bălcescu nr. 6

Storehouse – Miercurea Ciuc
Storehouse – Brădești, nr. 182
Storehouse – Lăzarea, Str Principală nr.1259
Storehouse – Tușnad, Str. Oltului nr. 117